About Atico

Atico Clothing is an Australian apparel brand designed for both Boys and Girls threads in sizes 1 to 8.

It started as a late night discussion, a dream that we followed and put into reality.  We are a husband and wife team working together on our designs, graphics and digital prints.

Our name incorporates our Children Ava and Taj who are very much featured as an important part of our Family business Atico. This is why we won't specifically cater for just Boys or Girls we want to cater for both as we do within our own Family.

We loved and still love designer pieces they are unique, they are quality and our children ROCK designer threads.

Most importantly is that 'what we design our children wear' and we are so proud to see them killing the streets in these threads!

Our material has been tried and tested prior to release.  We are manufacturing out of Indonesia where they are produced ethically, where we are focused on quality not dollars and where our manufacturers staff are looked after.

We hope you LOVE and SHARE our pieces as much as we do and come back for more.

Love the Team at Atico Clothing